The City is unique in the fact that they own their own electric utility, thus being able to pass on electric rates at a very competitive price to their customers. They serve approximately 370 electric customers. The power is supplied to the city through a contract with Western Power Administration/U.S. Department of Energy, and supplemental energy purchased from Missouri River Energy Services. Utilities require a $150 deposit. Any questions, contact City Hall at 544-2404. For Utility rebates go to brightenergysolutions.com


100% of the community is served by the citys sewer system. The system consists of a 4-cell lagoon; enhanced by one lift station with a 350,000 gallon capacity.


The city recently completed a $800,000 water treatment plant which includes a new 100,000 gallon ground storage tank. The city serves approximately 350 meters with an emergency back-up source supplied by Regional Water. The system also has a 125,000 gallon elevated storage capacity; with the source of water coming from several shallow wells. The average consumption is 60,000 gallons per day. Contact City Hall at 544-2404 for questions.


Garbage pick up is every Monday. R & S Waste is the service provider for Shelby. R & S Waste will pick up, up to 4 cans. For additional pickups please click here to contact R & S Waste Systems or call 800-730-3471. If your garbage day falls on one of the following Holidays, you're pick up day will be one day delay: New Years Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas.


Marne Elk Horn provides cable service to the city. Contact 712-784-2211.

Phone and Internet Service

Marne Elk Horn- Provides Phone and Internet Services to the city. Contact 712-784-2211

IA Telecom Provides Phone and Internet Services to the city. Contact 877-901-4692.

Western Iowa Wireless provides Internet Services contact 712-485-7200.

Building Permits

Building Application permits are available at City Hall at the cost of $50.

Cemetery Plots

Please contact Chris Evans at 712-579-5098

Building Rental

Depot -402 Station Street $50.00 a day- Contact City Hall to reserve 712-544-2404

Community Building - 500 East Street Contact  712-544-2233, $100 Call Jackie for rental details.

Shelby Fire Station-402 Center Street Contact Fire Chief - Todd Frank 712-309-5117.